“NYSC na scam”. This is a popular line amongst Nigeria youths, I would beg to differ though.
“Is the system perfect?” Of course not. In fact, far from it!
Imagine, how would somebody live on less that $50 per month and cater for feeding, clothing, sheltering, and transport expenses.
Yet you are expected to do due diligence to register for trainings and obtain certifications at a fee, send “something” to your siblings at home and still save some money for the “dark days”

And after all the stress and struggle for a year, you will be given a “sack letter” called NYSC discharged certificate to return home and be “jobless” once again, a sad return to zero income.
And so many other flaws with NYSC.

But come to think of it, you can always get a white egg from the dark pot.

Though I didn’t get so much done myself, I wish I had done more. But with God’s help I was able to make some tangible achievements.

In my service year I was able to pursue new skills in digital marketing and web graphics and build sophisticated websites for people, learnt new Nigerian languages; Hausa, Idoma.
I participated in an essay competition organised by my state governor’s inaugural ceremony and won against all odds, I appeared on national TV two consecutive times, NTA and Channels TV.

Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi presenting me an award for the overall winner of the the 2018 JKF essay competition.

I led SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) projects as the SDG CDS group President.
I established press club society in my primary place of assignments (secondary school) amidst other impacts, I also organised a free digital boot camp training for Corp members as a personal project.

Later, I completed and published my book, Love Flames, on amazon and made some sales.
Out the 19800 monthly stipend I was able to save enough to obtain an international passport, get things for myself and keep the rest to cater for forthcoming needs.

More than all of these I made friends, lots of friends whom I would love to meet once again in the nearest future.

Amidst many others I might not be able to list here due to space limit or for confidentiality sake.
But I think the point is clear, you shouldn’t expect to achieve great feats on a platter of gold.
The bitter truth is that; we can never have enough in life, we will always have to make something out of little.
Instead of complaining and sulking around like a 2 years old kid, you can actually put your best to the little you have.
Only remember that only God gives the increase.
I gave my first allawee (first fruit) to God and watched Him multiply the rest.

Glory to God, It is all over with a good testimony to share. NYSC successfully done and dusted.

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