Warning: For men only, ladies stroll off!
A man once asked his spouse “During your mood swing, what do you actually want from me? Space or attention?
She replied “Both!! I want space for attention, I want attention on the space I want. I want space between the attention and the space I want. Oh, and I also want spaced attention. Simple, Is that too much to ask”
Yea, they can be that confusing.
You see, the institution that studies women, is the one men cannot graduate from.
As jokingly as this might sound, it has a lot of undeniable truths in it.
Generally speaking, the human make up and behavioral structure is a complex formation that even scientist have taken centuries upon centuries to research and discover, yet to no real realisation of that endeavour.
Hence the scriptural lines “the heart (core being) of man is the most deceitful (cunny) who can know it?”
Man is difficult to solve.
Now talking about the female version of man, there is a lot more complex physical, emotional and psychological combinations, which makes it difficult for their male counterparts to honestly get along with them.
In physiological context, for instance, a woman combines the man’s physical make up plus a few other embodiments like womb, breast etc.
The woman is a sea of emotions, she exhibits all the emotional junks in the world.
The reason for this extra complexity of the woman I cannot precisely say, but studies have shown that physical stages women pass through such as menstration, ovulation, pregnancy, child birth labour, trigger inconvenient situations that negatively affect others areas of her being – psychological, emotional, and mental being.
Speaking in biblical context, could it be that it was because God created them out of men (who himself is already a load of complexities) rather than from dust directly which is less complex.
Is it because they are made from a weak vessel (man), thus becoming weaker vessels.
Just thinking.
Who knows?
The full understanding of woman’s make up is a mountain of challenge, which I believe can be made plain someday.
Well this article is not meant to provide some kind of formula or algorithms to decipher women or their behaviour, rather it is aim at contributing to an understanding that can help you(man) get along with women better.
When a woman says no,  A woman in this context includes your spouse, fiancee, sister, mother, daughter, and the babe you have got your eyes on.
Our elders will say “when trees fall on each other, the topmost is attended to first”.
Therefore If we can’t fully know the woman, we can atleast know WHEN SHE SAYS NO.
There is a big but unobvious difference between a man’s NO and a woman’s NO.
The comprehension of this proceeds from the understanding that a man’s NO comes from the head, (his logical compartment) while that of a woman comes from the heart, (the seat of her feelings).
A man says No because the subject matter is not reasonable but a woman’s No can be triggered from more other factors than ordinary logic.
1. How the subject matter was presented.
2. In what physical, emotional, mental, or environmental condition.
3. Who said it and so on…

When a woman says No, two things are involved it is either “yes but NO” (a pronounced No but a silent yes), or “No but YES” (a pronounced Yes but a silent no )
Are you confused?
Me too ?

Try asking the same thing in a different time, premise, mood, context and/or a different manner.
Just like presenting the same water in a different container.
She says the opposite of what she says earlier and you are confused.

How would she give two opposite answers to the same question? ?

Don’t be confused.
She is actually giving the same answer but the problem is, you were only hearing her voice,  you were not listening to her heart. So you could not decipher the actual message she was communicating.
The method I am proferring is, When you communicate with a woman, don’t just listen to her voice, listen to her feelings and actions.
So that when she says “yes”, but feels “No”, pick the latter, yes. And vice versa.
Average men speak from and logic, women does the same from feelings.
An average woman is more emotional than rational, making her really unpredictable.
She acts out of feelings rather than out of meticulous calculations and logic which can be always predictable.
As a man you need to understand this to be able to not just tolerate but love her.
This is just my opinion, I am not a graduate of womancology ☺

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