It all started two decades ago in an 18 centimetre hurdle with 120 million other sperms, I ran all the way in a vigorous attempt to secure a gate pass to life.
Fortunately, I won my first life race, and panting heavily on the finish line I decided to take a brief rest in the safety of my mother’s womb, shielded by the reddish walls of love and warmth.
I savoured the tranquility of my diminutive world hoping it was going to last forever.
But suddenly, “push! push!!” was the noise all around. I jerked in conception.
It sounded like a war cry to motivate a battalion.
“Was there going to be a battle?”

Actually there was!
But not the kind of battle between embittered men.
Rather, It was the battle between me and life, the struggle for survival.
Still holding on to the umbilical cord that encompassed around my neck, I was pushed out into the wilderness of the physical world.
My eyes opened wide, and beheld mother earth.
Echoes of joyful and sonorous expressions invaded the tranquil atmosphere as showers of accolades were released from every angle to welcome my birth.

“Here I am!?”
I must have thought as I quickly filled up my lungs with air and raised a cry.
I started my earthly journey with a cry.
Why I was crying, I cannot tell.
Whether it was tears of joy or of sorrow, I cannot say.

But I know that Life is a gift, It feels good to be alive but better to know WHY.
I was born for a reason, I am alive today for a purpose.
My Life race resumed immediately after birth.
And from infancy to adulthood I staggered and stumbled through the terrain of existence working to fulfill purpose.
It has been exhausting but God’s love has been my ally and his mercy, my regular companion.

I am where I am today because of his grace.
And today is pregnant with the memory and celebration of my birth, let it flow.

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