SOLA MATTEW’s Life Story: An Orphan Who Defied The Odds of Success

SOLA MATTEW’s Life Story: An Orphan Who Defied The Odds of Success


Sola Mathew, the director of Go Global Solutions, a well known prolific leader, public speaker and entrepreneur, is becoming a global icon to reckon with today.

You might have come across him lately and envied his achievements.
But what do you know about his dark days?

Sola Mathew recieving an SDG Advocacy award from Her Excellency, Erelu Bisi Fayemi, the wife of Ekiti State Governor.


Sola Mathew was born in the early 90’s in the far northern part of Nigeria, Jalingo, Taraba state precisely, into a nuclear family of five children.
His dad was one of the gallant and courageous Nigerian soldiers who died fighting the army.
Sola was just six when he lost his father.
After the man died, things were not quite easy for Sola’s mother and she decided to remarry to be financially buoyant enough to cater for her children.

Unfortunately, this did not last, Sola also lost his mother to a brief illness few years after his father’s demise. His trauma amplified.
This was the greatest hurt Sola has ever experienced. He was thrown into an emotional and psychological dysphoria as a young boy.

Life for Sola at such a tender age was not the bread and butter kind. With little or no support, he had to be on his toes every blessed day to survive whatever life’s storm was coming at him.
Sola’s naturally timid character aggravated into low self esteem and low self-worth after he was orphaned.
The future did not look bright at all.

He struggled really hard and managed to complete his secondary education though with the help a some of his teachers and relatives who somehow took interest in his him at different point in time.
He gained an admission into the University in 2012 and was only able to pay his fees because somebody would always eventually show up to favour him each time throughout his four years of study.
Even till today Sola is a testimony of a life favoured by God and man.

There were so many orphans suffering in the Nigeria, never getting help from anyone enough to progress in life.

In Sola’s response to this question during an interview with Freshwaters crew he said,
“Sincerely, It was first God’s favour, then a few things about my personality.”

Sola was a very hardworking, intelligent God fearing chap.
Growing up as an orphan, he knew he had to take the bull of life by the horn and be the best at what he does, an edge he had over his colleagues
He started visiting the library regularly and spending his earnings from brick-layering and other dirty and humbling hustling on books.
That’s explains his addiction to books today.

Knowing that he needed good relationship with people to be able to not just survive but thrive, he somehow evaded his timid and introverted tendencies to be more outspoken and people oriented.
Though He never had a certain means to fund his school fees but through his positive energy effervescence of good characters; hard-work, faith, respectfulness, cheerfulness and love for people, he was able to attract people’s favor who at different times rose up to help him survive his immediate challenges.
Sola has a drive to impact lives in a massive way. This has kept him on the run.
In a bus from a visit to an orphanage home, God led him to start a charity foundation called Christian Charity Network. He remembered man of God someone told him “your experience is your message”
And he has reach many less privileged through this charity movement.

Today Sola Mathew is an Amazon Bestselling Author (of the book I HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE), a podcaster and an award winning social media strategist.
He earned a Bachelor of Science in Plant Science and Biotechnology from Ekiti State University in Nigeria and he is currently doing a research in plant digitization.
In 2018, Sola founded a community of African Leaders and Entrepreneurs which has grown to over 3000 members.

As a public speaker, Sola has shared the same platform with great minds including wife of Ekiti state Governor, global leaders and has been invited to speak within and outside Nigeria.
As a trainer with Mind The Gap on the Google Digital Skills program, he has trained more than 5000 young people on digital skills.
He was recently awarded for his societal impact in pursuing the SDG goals.

“Life gives you back what you give it, you might consider giving it your best”.

Ojo Henry

Sola is a living example of the above quote. Challenges varies from person to person but everybody is got a fair chance to win. You can win also despite your troubles.

Presenting you; Sola Mathew, FRESHWATERS FIRST FACE OF THE WEEK.
Living To Impact

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