Love Flames

700.00 500.00


Love Flames

700.00 500.00

Adventures of Awakening Love



When love is not tamed, it burns.

Love Flames is a sweet-sorrowful adventure of love, sex, and heartbreaks.

Rita, a pretty young lady, is in what looks to be, a heaven on earth love relationship. But things turn sour when what intended to be a godly relationship becomes evaded by sexual immorality and distrust.

Conscience is tampered with; dignity is at stake and breakup, inevitably, becomes a painful escape route.

How did Rita learn her lessons? Did she eventually get back on her feet?

This amazing book must be read by every youth who is or will one day be in love. A must read before you propose or say yes.

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  1. Marcus Oluwole

    I just finished reading this book and I must confess I finished it at one sitting, not because its your book or because it was short, it captivated my wild mind.

    After the order of tekena ikoko, it was awesome, and not only that I needed it, I thought I knew a lot aboWhat a nice book? Full of depth and insight! Instructional and mind blogging. Without mincing words, It’s one of the finest book I have read on love affairs.

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