Oluwasina’s Life Story: A single orphan who would not succumb to the horn of hardship

Oluwasina’s Life Story: A single orphan who would not succumb to the horn of hardship


Life is a pool of challenges, only the courageous can maneuver.


Born with a wooden spoon, so to say, Oluwasina lost his father before he clocked 1 year old and since then had had to struggle to meet up with life’s demands. His aging mother, a petty trader, struggled to provide him formal education until he got to secondary school when she could no longer afford his school fees. He later had to pick up menial jobs in a block industry and solicit for support so he could pay his debts and complete his secondary education.

Oluwasina addressing Christ Girl Secondary School Students in Ado Ekiti

Seeing his mother’s and siblings’ helplessness, Oluwasina decided to take the bull by the horn by leaving his hometown, Ikoro-Ekiti, for the state capital immediately after secondary school graduation, even though he had nowhere to stay. He began hawking SIM cards on the streets to sustain himself, many nights he would go to bed famished. Because of his strong determination to further his education, he would return home after the day’s hard work to read books and prepare for school entry exams. He believed so much in the saying; “Readers are Leaders”. And after 4 failed examination trials, he eventually got an admission to study in the School of Nursing.

What sustained Oluwasina was his determination to forge ahead irrespective of his limitations. He took his focus away from his ugly present and past and turned it towards his future. Narrating his experiences to Freshwaters’ interview crew, he said, “What helped me through this rough journey was determination, diligence and perseverance. My mum would always say ‘A son of nobody must thread gently to become someone in life’”. On getting to the School of Nursing, he started pursuing an advocacy for students’ welfare. Soon, he won an election for the post of the Student Union Government Vice President and the following year, he was elected the President of National Association of Nigeria Student Nurses and Midwives.

Today Oluwasina is a writer and motivational speaker, he has been visiting different schools within and outside Ekiti state to positively impact the lives of young and growing minds. His ambition is to become a youth advocate, philanthropist, and feminist.

Oluwasina is a living prove that ugly circumstances of life can be overcome through diligence and perseverance.Challenges varies from person to person but everybody is got a fair chance to win. You can win also despite your troubles. ©Freshwaters

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