My Name is money

More than just a valuable, am a phenomenon
My presence brings defence, happiness and abundance
People go to school, get jobs, work everyday to have me and live

But sad enough, a lot are obsessed with me

Men who exchange their souls
Mothers who sold their babies
Ladies who threw away their virtues.
Children who trashed their integrity
Leaders who exploited their people
Christians who denied their faith
just to have me
They made me god and kicked away their creator.

I am not evil but I have been used by evil hearts
I am not a devil but obsession with me the root of all evil
A lot have perished in search of me
Given themselves to many sorrows
They forgot that only the blessing of the Lord makes rich, and adds no sorrow
Yet some have earned me with contentment
Making me slave of good work
Fulfiling good and unselfish purposes.
WHY are you looking for me?
How are you earning me?
WHAT are using me for?
For these you will give account one day to the creator.
Riches profit not in the day of wrath: but righteousness delivers from death.
Pro 11:4

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