Hello dear, I am trying really hard not to disturb you with my letters. But my naughty heart would not stop loving (in prospect) and my hands as well would not stop writing.
Because if my life was a STORY BOOK you would be my FAVORITE chapter,
If it was FRIED RICE you would be the CHICKEN,
If it was a CAKE you would be the ICING.

I must confess, my letters have been too WEAK to accurately represent my imaginations and feelings yet I find them useful enough to propagate godly concepts of true love relationship.

I once saw a man would not sleep because he is IN LOVE but I would rather sleep so I can DREAM about you.

Someone said he could swim across the ocean to see his love (is he mad?), I would rather take a BOAT. Because I will love you too much to lose my life and leave you alone.

Yeah, some could take a BULLET for their love but I would prefer to use a BULLET PROOF so that we would live together happily ever after, as there is no marriage in heaven except that of Christ and his bride (the church).

My heart desire is to live the rest of my life on earth with you, both in rain and sunshine.

Believe me we won’t have regards for Feb 14, Valentine’s Day. Because everyday of our lives together will be “Valentine’s Days”.

LOVE, they say is blind.
But my LOVE for you will not be. It has sight and SEES your imperfections quite well. But it MAKES UP for them as well.
Someone might say “what nonsense! Is she the most beautiful, spiritual nor the most intelligent”.
But I would reply It’s not just your beauty, spirituality or intelligence that I love, it’s “YOU ”
The “YOU” could include your weaknesses, short comings, disabilities, incapabilities, flaws, insufficiency, inadequacies, imperfections and incompleteness.
I will LOVE you nonetheless.

A WOMAN like you is hard to find this days
 “Who can find a VIRTUOUS woman?” Solomon, the wisest man on earth, once asked
You are so HIDDEN in God’s presence that a man will have to SEEK Him to find you.
And in Him you are SHAPED and ENDOWED with beauty.
I bet you wouldn’t need a MAKE UP to look beautiful because you are a ready MADE, a REDMade product from an heavenly factory.

I pledged celibacy a long time ago dedicated myself to a life of SEXUAL PURITY.
Why? because it is the right thing to do in God’s eyes and am so proud to tell it.

I am SINGLE but I am not STUPID. I neither test nor taste girls around like Garri in the market.
And I am not tired of WAITING till God declares YOU, the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh.
Till then, keep GROWING and keep WAITING.
You can be sure the future holds great things for us, really worthy of the WAIT.

Your love to be.

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