LIVING TO IMPACT 3 (Mitigating poverty in the society)

LIVING TO IMPACT 3 (Mitigating poverty in the society)

Faniyi Oluwatomiwa

1. I write to pen down the wallows in penury,
To those whose fruit of labour sprouts misery,
To the mind’s eye, how can a child,
Whose belly bloom empty by poverty conceive a smile?,
How can the love story of two teenagers inspire a whole generation?,
Hustling from end to end trying to make ends meet,
Running helter skelter for a better shelter,
To fish out a daily meat and earn a living.

2.Life might leave you in a state of poverty,
And royalty may be weary to crown your intellectual,
You might have paid the price to win the prize,
But it seems fantasy is only a bunch of lies
To those that lacks what it takes,
Give it what it takes,
To live a life worth living,
Ignorance is what you have ignored to know,
And your lack of knowledge makes you lack all things,
Arise from your slumber, wake up,
And take responsibility for your life,
Set yourself free from the prison of poverty,
You are strong enough to break the chain of ignorance.

Faniyi Tomiwa, Second Runner-up Freshwaters Essay Writing Competition 1.0

3.We are from a land, with plenty of disruptions,
With news full of scams and corruption,
Where a common man suffers from poverty,
Government should arise to their responsibility,
And the citizens should be support the Government,
By lightening the touch of impact,
As we lessen poverty and hunger in our society,
Do not wait on a call for a white collar job,
Your waiting might have no end,
Discover yourself and develop your skills.

4.The pathway of impact,
Needs our strength and courage,
There, we ought to sprinkle favour,
There, we ought to sow good deeds,
There, your smiles should be the brightest,
You can line it deep with roses,
And make earth a happier place
Do your best to smoothen it,
And make it bright and fair.

My Poem
Faniyi Oluwatomiwa Elijah

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