LIVING TO IMPACT 2 (Mitigating Poverty in the Society)

LIVING TO IMPACT 2 (Mitigating Poverty in the Society)

By Ogunleye Esther

The decision to make impact as individuals is a choice which requires deliberate effort. Mediocres do not do much about their lives,lazy people do not work towards achieving great things in life,they are usually very comfortable with little,and that is why poverty strike while they sleep.A country or society with citizens whose minds are not built for greater achievement in life would raise generations who do not have ambition,passion and dream to make impact either in their own lives or the lives of others.A life with no impact made is a wasted life.

According to the recent Global Poverty Ranking (2019), Nigeria is the world leading poverty striken country. How did we get here? An average human mind has been structured to receive help from others,as humans,we get comfortable when other people get things done for us,but I tell you,the rate of poverty will be on the increase in our societies,if as individuals we do not rise to take responsibility for our own lives.

Crime, juvenile delinquency,negative social vices,outbreak of diseases,lack of access to good and quality education, inaffordability of quality health care,child trafficking,kidnapping,robbery,thuggery are some of the effects poverty poses on the people and the society at large.

Ogunleye Esther, First Runner-up Freshwaters’ Essay Writing Competition

Poverty is not in terms of lack of money,but in terms of lack of ideas,mindset and focus that makes a productive life. Embedded in everyone of us are treasures,gold and virtues that can make our lives better and make us useful to our generation and also the coming ones,

Until we wait for no one to keep doing things for us,until we rise to take responsibility for our lives and not be dependent on government or stakeholders of our societies,poverty will come knocking at our doors,taking out every precious thing that we possess.Poverty will come like a storm taking out the lives of our precious children,It will come turning our boy children into touts and irresponsible men.Poverty! It will come turning the eyes of our noble women to quick money because of suffering,taking away their nobility and turning it into rags!. Poverty will run to us and take away our infants and toddlers who are to be the future of our generation.

The littlest of ideas can change our lives and the world at large.Some of the ways we can live a life of impact,thereby breaking free from poverty are:-

  1. Self discovery:- Find out what you know how to do best and direct it into productive and useful means.We all have one or two talents in us for example art,music,writing ability,speaking ability and so on,find it and make good use of it.
  2. Entrepreneurship:-Learn a skill like plumbing, carpentry, metallurgical, fashion designing and so on, this will serve as an additional stream of income and help to boost the economic and financial life of individuals in the society.
  3. Education:- Every child deserves to be educated.Education has a way of changing a man’s mind,ideas and belief about life.

Men of impact are great men!
You have treasures in you!
Go rule your world!

Ogunleye Esther Moyinoluwa

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