Living To Impact 1 (Mitigation of Poverty)

Living To Impact 1 (Mitigation of Poverty)

By Ayanniyi Taiwo

Everyone; like a rechargeable torchlight with immense illuminating capacity and potential, equipped with a very weak or low battery at the initial, was birthed into this world to fulfill a particular purpose, to lighten the world and leave it a better place. Each individual was equipped with varying degree of illumination and different niches where the impact of their light will be significantly felt.

Then, the necessity to make critical and decisive choices emerges as one evolves through the inevitable twists and turns of the world. With each stages of individual evolution comes an opportunity to recharge one’s battery (capacity and potential) and strengthen the impact of one’s light. Some would make this opportunity count positively, through deliberate preparation, education and learning, while others ignore the strenuous days of preparation with grievous consequences.

The intensity of light is determined by the capacity of its energy. When the capacity is filled to the ultimate threshold, the impact is felt to the maximum, but when mediocrity, complacency and average mentality is embraced, the light deteriorate gradually to extinction, passing out as a shadow of its capacity and potential.

The essence of light is in its ability to illuminate, to radiate energy that brightens darkened situations, to proffer solutions. It brings to fore the hidden, the best and ultimate. It enhances the natural ability of humans to see beyond the ordinary. Light reveals and lay bare. That’s why you’re here, that’s why you’re living. You need to enhance the ability of others, to make better your society, to impact lives that will carry on your life.

Ayanniyi Taiwo, 1st Place Winner Freshwaters’ Essay Essay Writing Competition 2019

Impact is not actually about being the light, it’s more about how you maximize the light – the effectiveness. Many charge their light and made humanity suffer with its scorching heat of oppression, subversion, corruption and tyranny. Others direct their light primitively to pursue selfish ambitions, parochial missions, and insignificant courses until every ounce of energy in them is completely dissipated and exhausted.

These are people who only invest in others when they have a promise of impressive returns. Some invest as a means to an end. They see people as a “thing”, a resource to achieve a predetermined self-serving goal. They shine their light for as long as they’re going to be the chief beneficiary, even when it means they have to box everyone else to the shadow of their light, leaving others stranded.

True impact is achieved when your life – your light – transforms others positively. The Merriam-Webster English dictionary defined impact as “a powerful or major influence or effect.” With a solid character and deliberate action to purposefully contribute your quota to the bigger picture of better human living, you leave a trail on the sand of time. You must concert your energy and have a specific focus.

Poverty is a state of the mind, it can be conquered with the light of diligence, industriousness and ingenuity. We can all shine our light to mitigate and disperse the holds of poverty.

AYANNIYI Taiwo James

Freshwaters’ Face of the year 2020

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  1. Well done Ayanniyi Taiwo James, I love the depth of insight and the dimension of light, you brought into the though pattern. Kudos.

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