Somebody once asked me “henry, I noticed that you do write and talk well about love relationship stuffs, you must have had a lot of experience.”

I laugh so te
What?! Experience…I read books and listen to experienced people talk about relationships, that’s how I learn, I don’t really have “experience”.

You see, Lecturer Experience could be a very bad lecturer, his teachings, though unforgettable, are hard and expensive.

When experiences teach you, they hurt you and leave you with painful scars from your mistakes.
This happens especially in love relationships and businesses.
I don’t like Mr. experience teaching me. I prefer Mr. Book.

A lot of people like to learn only from experience. Of course we will always have experience to learn from by we don’t have to wait for experience before we start learning.
You don’t learn how to avoid an accident by getting into one. It is ridiculous.

I watch so many youths, even teenagers, rush into love relationships in the name of falling in love, they always soon rush out, but with a broken and hence, seared heart.
Sad to say, that is how they learn.

Wiser people read good books on marriage and love relationships and learn, listen to their mentors, pastors, and parents.
You should learn from other people’s experience and avoid falling into the same traps they fell into.

Experience is a good but very expensive teacher, never wait for it before you start learning.

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