I am money
I can get you honey
I bring happiness in a jiffy
To lack me is not funny
You need my defence
To your lack, let me be a deterrence

I could take you out of your hurting realm
But there is a problem

You withdraw from Christ
Only to resort to an heist
You try to get me in a hustle
While you loose your virtue
Ladies gave themselves to nudity
Without regard for sexual purity

Men put away their dignity
Forgetting they come from royalty
Fraud is the order of the day
The rate no one can say
You traded your integrity
And locked your door on honesty
To get whole
Do you sell your soul
All these for “sweets”
Have you lost your wits?

I am not the devil
Yet obsession with me precedes evil
I can be bait
And an enticement to hell’s gate


Yet some have earned me with contentment
Shunning embezzlement
They see me as an instrument
For the Kingdom’s betterment
Not for self entertainment
To them there is fulfilment
Earn me with integrity
So that you will not mess up your eternity

Make me slave of good work
And peace enters your heart even without a knock
Riches profit not in the day of wrath:
but righteousness delivers from death.
Pro 11:4

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