(Excerpts from Love Flames)

“He is a big flirt,” she said. I don‘t need an oracle to know that he does not love me, he only hangs around me like a lion waiting for the right moment to pounce on its unsuspecting prey.” Lola picked up her book to read in an unsuccessful attempt to evade the discussion.

“Oh girl, where is this coming from? You told me this guy was the love of your life. And moreover, you‘ve been together for some time now,” Rita asked in astonishment.

“We had a fight recently and then broke up,” Lola continued, but this time around her voice had dropped in pitch, and was shaky. She tried to hide her teary eyes with the book she was holding.
“Rita, it is so heartbreaking that I have had three painful breakups in the last one year. Just because at every point in time I was dating one stupid guy or the other, when I had not even spent enough time to groom myself and gotten ready for a lasting relationship. I have learnt my lesson the hard way.”

“Oh dear, I am so sorry! So you actually broke up with Roland?” Rita said, stopping her make-up for a moment to show her sympathy.
“Yes,” Lola replied wiping her teary eyes. “Anyway I consider it sweet sorrow. I quite acknowledge that the dating relationship with Roland was a disadvantage to me as it did not have any definite purpose or goal. Apart from exposing someone to constant sexual temptations and heartbreaks, these unnecessary dating makes a guy undeservingly occupy your marital space, blocking your chance of getting a responsible, Godfearing man to start a purposeful and lasting relationship with…

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  1. Good job, Henry. I found my way here and I want to encourage you to keep at the good work you are doing. Continue to soldier on in the face of challenges. You are a winner, after all.

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