Fear is said to be a strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat.
We all have it.
It is a prove that you are alive.
Sometimes we are tempted to feel that all the great and successful people we see today don’t have fears. And that they are simply supermen that do whatever they want to do without any fear at all.

Believe me, we all have fears, they might just come in different kinds and sizes.
Sometimes we are so afraid,
afraid of change,
afraid of taking risks,
afraid of failure,
afraid of being laughed at,
afraid of stepping out into the open,
afraid of people’s criticism,

Sometimes we are even afraid of fear itself.
We all are

But you know what?
It is just a feeling 🧐
It is not realistic
F.E.A.R –
False Evidence Appearing Real
You have to confront this lie your mind is telling you.
Face your fears and do it afraid
All you need is COURAGE

It takes courage to be exceptional, to pursue your dream, to business, pursue a goal, It takes courage to be rich, to be educated, to leave your comfort zone.

Anybody can survive but it takes courage to live
Courage they say is not the absence of fear but the ability to face it.
“Do it AFRAID,” Joyce Meyer

Fail courageously
Fail, fail, and fail.
Fail again
Just make sure you are FAILING BETTER.
You need to face your fears now because when you get to the top you will have more fears to tackle.
In case you don’t know, success brings contempt

So start now, start doing it, even though AFRAID.

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