He abruptly froze to the spot as if struck by a lightning as he opened the main entran ce door leading to the sitting room to catch sight of his wife totally naked under another man, a casual friend of his living five blocks away, both sweating profusely and breathing heavily on the faded red sofa in the sitting room.

They were so caught up with the sexual activity that they didn’t realize his unprecedented entry at such time of the day.


The sight threw him off emotional balance that he stood dumbstruck and confused for a few milliseconds before he finally decided to turn back. He furiously jammed the door behind him which must have alerted the two naked lovers on the sofa.
He heard his wife shouting his name probably in a bid to plead but he was already out into the street.
“It’s not my fault, He paid for it,” he heard her screaming at a distance till her voice faded.
A million thoughts raced to and fro his puzzled mind, of which suicide and murder are more prevalent.
He knew he would machete his wife and perhaps himself inclusive if he didn’t leave his house at that moment. This would have actualized the bad nightmares he had the night before.
He knew that his wife would have been cheating on him in his absence long before now, probably to earn extra income. He was only fortunate to catch her in the adulterous act that obnoxious afternoon.
Courtesy of his forgetfulness that morning, he had unusually returned home around noon to retrieve the workshop tools he forgot to carry along with him when he was leaving for work.

His forgetfulness that day was a direct result of the early morning fight his wife had earlier put up with him because he could not drop enough money for the day’s meal.
The open air scenario animistically created by his nagging wife earlier that morning in his house was a big emotional juggernaut that severely wrote off his manly ego as the head of the family, throwing him into an emotional and psyhcological disarray.
He had pleaded to refund the money to her by evening when he would have made enough money at work, further explaining that the drizzling weather of the previous day had caused a reduction in that day’s earning.
But his pleas were just gibberish to his wife, who had already gathered spectators from the neighborhood.
The food allowance issue unveiled every other money issues in the house, from the aso ebi cloth material he refused to buy for her, children’s school that are yet to be paid, the expired house rent and so on.
The best thing to do was to return to his place of work as if nothing had happened.
The intense heat of the fierce african sun hungrily ate into his flesh as he trod down the rough terrain leading to his small workshop ruminating over the his predicaments.
He paused briefly to reposition the heavy bag containing his machine tools as he reminisced the sight of his wife naked with another man.
As his body was ladened with the weighty bag on his shoulder, so was his heart heavily ladened for his incapabilities to provide a luxurious life for his wife and six kids.
This might have caused the negative reactions of his wife, he remembered how respectful she was in the first few years of their marriage when he was still financially buoyant.
He was working with the Nigerian coal industry and earning fat salary, enough to make him live like a king. Only if he had known that that fortune will not smile at him forever.
He was fired along with many others due to a sudden economic surge in the country. After which he hunted for job for 5 years having spend all his saving in the job hunt.
Since he had gotten his western education in a polytechnic school as a mechanical engineer, he decided to venture into menial tasks of repairing both small and large sized machine tools and engines when he could not further his academic pursuit due to inadequate funds.
He has been a victim of mental and pyshcological assault from colleagues and relatives who offerred a “shortcut” out of his financial disabilities.
But he determined to make money the right way and make life better for his family.
He got to his shop and dropped his tools set to work, he must work harder and smarter to earn back his wife respect and submissiveness and offer his family a luxurious life…
He is an epitome of strength and diligence
His strength goes beyond his muscular body, it is fully resident in his mind.
He sheilds his family like a roof in the storm
He does not scare away from the fierce African sun, as long as he makes money for his household.
He sacrificed the handsomeness of his youth for the future of his children
His palms may be seared from suffering and hardwork but his heart is soft with tender love and care.
He conceals the knife stabs on his back to care for the blade cut of his wife.
He is a breadwinner by calling, a warrior and a fighter by nature, a sacrificial lamb by choice yet a fierce eagle, sweeping on his prey; starvation, which strays into his household.
He is a victim of hardship and failure yet he rises in the morning to fight another battle.

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