DANIEL’S LIFE STORY: A young man who, though crippled at birth, turned his disabilities to a drive for success.

DANIEL’S LIFE STORY: A young man who, though crippled at birth, turned his disabilities to a drive for success.


Oluwasegun Daniel, born in 1998, in Jos plateau state, is the first child of his parent.
He’s birth was an exceptional one and not as pleasant as most people have had theirs.

It happened that during the delivery process Daniel’s mother fainted, and the doctor had to forcefully complete the delivery by pulling him out with his hand.
This action had on him a negative turn, he became paralyzed in both legs and his right hand.
Over time, the doctor noticed the paralysis on both legs and put on him Plaster of Paris P.O.P., to trigger a healing process.
Unfortunately it was not discovered on-time that baby Daniel’s hand was also crippled.

Daniel’s picture at age 2


Daniel was on P.O.P for almost 2 years after which it was removed. But unfortunately, he couldn’t walk at all.
Consequently, Daniel’s parents’ efforts to put him in a school proved abortive, he was taken to four different schools but got rejected due to his physical challenge.
It took the help of his mother’s godfather before he was able to secure admission at their fifth trial.
Since Daniel couldn’t walk at the time he began school, his mum had to beg one of the school cleaners to help him to the toilet whenever he is pressed.
Luckily for Daniel, he took his first step and started walking when he was four years old.
Though he can now manage to walk, but his right hand still looks dysfunctional as it dangles below his shoulder.

Though Daniel was a smart kid, after finishing secondary school he gained admission into Caleb University in October 2016 to study computer science, but he dropped out a year after, due to his poor health and the financial challenges caused by death of his Father.
He had lost his father to peptic ulcer and his hope of securing a promising future through quality education was dashed.

Daniel suffered social stigma like many other less privileged in the world and he never really got any one to help out.
In fact, the hatred and rejection he suffered from his mates and neighbors made him withdraw into low self esteem and loneliness.
Through all these, Daniel remain strong and focus.
He discovered his unique identity in his solitary confinement and began leveraging on his disadvantage to his advantage.

Through his hard times he discovered his unique gifts and abilities, and started developing them. During an interview with Freshwaters’ crew he said, “I discovered the principle of finding life in anything people condemned, exploring them and maximizing their innate potentials.” Since he knew he was different and this difference and uniqueness could handsomely sell, he re-orientated his abled mind to maximize his disabled faculties. .

Even with his dysfunctional right hand, Daniel learnt to draw, play musical instruments and operate a computer system really well.
He is even able to turn a small sized generator on with this right hand.
All this gave him further courage and made him worry less about the rejection and hatred that surrounds him.
He got support from Mrs Okafor, founder of Makemee elegant, and courageously pursued his education.

One of Daniel’s graphics designs

Daniel’s has a strong ambition to become an automobile engineer and a dynamic vision for social impact; to give hope to physically challenged and homeless children and bring them out to the limelight of success where they can show the world that they are not disabled but uniquely-abled.

Daniel is now a digital marketer and graphics designer. He has a first degree in view in Software Engineering at Digital Bridge Institute.

Daniel is a living proof to the fact that a strong positive mindset can bring ability in disability.
You can attain great height of success against all odds if you have an abled mind.
The greatest disability is the disability, or inability of the mind and whatever you plant In your mind germinates (not in the mind) but in your life.

It is not about what you don’t have but WHAT YOU HAVE”


Presenting to you Freshwaters’ Face of the week; Mr Oluwasegun Daniel.

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