LIVING TO IMPACT 3 (Mitigating poverty in the society)

Faniyi Oluwatomiwa 1. I write to pen down the wallows in penury,To those whose fruit of labour sprouts misery,To the mind's eye, how can a child,Whose belly bloom empty by poverty conceive a smile?,How can the love story of two teenagers inspire a whole generation?,Hustling from…


LIVING TO IMPACT 2 (Mitigating Poverty in the Society)

By Ogunleye Esther The decision to make impact as individuals is a choice which requires deliberate effort. Mediocres do not do much about their lives,lazy people do not work towards achieving great things in life,they are usually very comfortable with little,and that is why poverty strike while…


Living To Impact 1 (Mitigation of Poverty)

By Ayanniyi Taiwo Everyone; like a rechargeable torchlight with immense illuminating capacity and potential, equipped with a very weak or low battery at the initial, was birthed into this world to fulfill a particular purpose, to lighten the world and leave it a better place. Each…

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