Our happiness does not deny the presence of our pains, it is simply an evidence that reflects our hope of a better experience.
Though our burdens roll out tear drops from our eyes, they can’t sulk out happiness from our souls.
We are not so equipped with luxury but we are armed with the knowledge that happiness is more a choice than just a feeling.
There is a million things we are incapable of doing on mother earth but being happy is not one of them.
As long as the sun does not cease to shine we will not stop spreading our lips.
Our teeth are not the cleanest but our lips betray them well enough to reflect the light of the African sun.
We are proud of our cultural heritage; and the blackness of our skin is something to shout about on the rooftop.
Our streams nourish our tenacious souls and the sonorous whispers of the forest birds soothen our spirits.
We survive, having mastered the art of the forest and the craft of the wild.
Our feet are swift like the cheetah and our heels like the gazelle.
We speed up at the mouthwatering game, not even the king can safe it from momma’s soup.
We are not afraid of the thorns tearing our flesh and the stones blistering our feet, as long as we will get bush meat in our calabashes.

We are happy and satisfied with our life yet we are optimistic of a better future, where we will not just survive, but live.

We are Africans

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